The schematic editor has only one example of a circuit in the kit, which teaches only the most basic features of the editor, so users would like to have more examples in the package, and it is desirable that they were with the printed circuit board, and not just a circuit. Unfortunately, I do not have open projects that I could upload to the site, all my projects are closed, commercial. If someone has an open project Scheme + PCB (or is just about to start drawing it) that can be published, then this will be of great benefit to users. Since there are not enough instructions for the circuit editor, we can help you draw your circuit from a photo of the circuit or from a picture file. It is desirable that the diagram has a two-page design and includes inter-page network links, electronic buses, multiplex parts, hierarchical parts. For this topic, you can write to e-mail

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Freepcb-2 + compatible schematic editor.