DSN for autorouter



Many Freepcb-2 users are wondering why there is no Dsn export for the autorouter in all versions of Freepcb-2. The external Dsn converter that comes with Freepcb-1 does not support Freepcb-2 project files, because the format was changed. I am currently working mainly on the "Schematic Constructor", and I have no time to write a converter. Freepcb-2 is completely free and has no sponsor, so we need a volunteer who can write this converter on enthusiasm. The only reward is the inclusion of you as a developer in the ABOUT dialog. If someone is ready to help on this matter and makes such a converter, it will be a solid contribution to the development of Freepcb2. The FPC file format and changes can be found on this page

Best regards.
Freepcb-2 + compatible schematic editor.