Re: Schematic Constructor unable to create folder



This problem does exist, but it has been resolved since version 2.028 by using an external VCL OpenDialog that works flawlessly. The latest version still uses this window, you may have noticed that when you choose to open a file, the main program window is hidden. This has to do with using the external OpenDialog application. You can find this piece of code in version 2.032 if you want to learn more. Of course, it is advisable to fix the built-in OpenDialog, which unfortunately has a glitch - it does not move from folder to folder by pressing buttons, and does not save the file if it is a SaveDialog window. Time was wasted but the cause was never identified. It seems that somewhere in the settings there is some kind of memory limitation, which is used by the dialog box when switching from folder to folder, or something like that. And if the folder contains many files, then it can hang for an hour. If any of the programmers came across this and knows the solution, write to e-mail.
On the problem that FredLed wrote about, I can't say anything new, because I checked Schematic Constructor on several computers and everything is ok everywhere, all associated folders are created and files are saved.

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