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Steve K1EL

I have designed three dense SMT PCBs with 2-032 and have not found any serious problems. I have had mixed 
success using the Info Box. I just can't seem to completely figure out how to make use of it, perhaps more 
documentation would make it more understandable. More often I am amazed by the improvements in routing and 
placement. For example, grab and move a part and trace connections are preserved !

There are only two issues I have found:
1) Sometimes when you drag a trace diagonally the endpoints get converted to floats. Maybe integer rounding is not used ?
2) Sometimes when you edit text using F1-Edit, after clicking ok, the text disappears. It always comes back when you force
a refresh but something to look at.

I had mentioned this before: middle mouse button panning would be a very nice feature to have, gerbv does this 
as well as many other PCB packages. When reviewing a PCB design, having to constantly hit the space bar or 
roll the middle button back and forth to pan around the design is a pain.

I am available to test a schematic editor, I currently use TinyCAD and think it's pretty good but an editor that is
tightly coupled to FreePCB2 would be excellent.


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Hello to all!
Has anyone found bugs in version 2-032?
If they were found, then be sure to write about it here, or please remind me if you have already written about it, but I did not notice, because soon I will unload version 2-033. Version 2-032 will be archived.

A schematic editor was created this year to work with FreePcb-2-033. It is currently undergoing testing, just like FreePcb-2-033. Who wants to take part in testing, please write here or e-mail me, and I will send you a debug version. It exports a PADS-PCB netlist and can work with the FreePcb-2-032 version, but without warning options about netlist changes when editing a schematic. Everything else should work with a bang.


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