HF CW on a budget for technicians

Eric Tamme

I had some one wanting to do CW as a tech, but not wanting to spend a bunch of money on HF gear.  I decided to put together a list of what it would take, starting with nothing, to get on 40m CW - here are the results. 

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, comments, or catches something I missed.  I will add the link to the Foco CW wiki.

-Eric / KK0ECT


Hi Eric,

The parts list looks good to me! I especially like the optional list if they don't need a freestanding antenna.

Two ways to possibly maybe make it cheaper:
* If you wire the coax directly to the antenna on one side the other will connect directly to the QCX so you wouldn't need the SO239/PL259 connectors. This of course will have the cost of not being able to reuse the cable.
* I also picked up a pretty decent set of paddles for $40 at the last hamfest so with the next one on the 17th it could be a way to get that cheaper.

I also just ordered a 40m QCX! If the other person does get this please let me know how they like!