Re: Seek inexpensive paddle

Michael Yehle

If it’s the CWOps training I’ll probably virtually see you there Eric. 

I picked up the MK-33, (link below)don’t have another one to compare it to but I think it’ll work fine. Build quality seems solid and there were a number of recommendations. 

I’m in Lakewood, CO. If you’re anywhere nearby you’re welcome to try it out. Text me (below) and we can figure out a time. 

Michael Yehle

On Aug 31, 2020, at 11:10, Eric L. Johnson <ericlee.johnson@...> wrote:

I am very new to HAM radio and am enrolled
in a CW training course.
I need a recommendation for an inexpensive (<$50)
paddle for use in the course and with a QCX+
receiver I am building.
As the Palm Pico Paddle is no longer available I
am looking for a substitute and would be most
grateful for any recommendations.

Eric Johnson [No call sign yet :-]

Eric L. Johnson

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