FoCo CW Club News

Eric Tamme

Big news, FoCo CW is a licensed club!  Our current license is KE0TNA, however we have applied for and expect to receive K0DIT as our club call.  

We have a table for the Jan 19th hamfest, thanks to Dave - W0DAS, and have made some plans to do engaging activities with fest attendees:  Make your first CW QSO, Race CWOP's - texting vs. morse etc.

I have personally spent time researching "modulated CW", here forth MCW, options for making barrier to entry extremely low.  I have come across the "Ultra Pico Keyer" which has a built in MCW mode which will allow you to do line out put to the mic in of an HT, and use the key output line to switch the PTT of the HT.  I came across a blog post from KB6NU about using this keyer for MCW, and as it happens he is also a CWOp.  I reached out to him to see if he could provide more info about using the keyer for MCW, and I am hopeful about his experiences.  The Kit is $35, and Assembled is $55.  I will advise about any info I hear back from him, but I think this could allow us to make CW net over repeater, with NCARC permissions.

That is all for now, I will let you know when the club vanity application clears.

-Eric / KK0ECT

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