FCCW @ NCARC Hamfest January 19, 2019

Dave Swartz

Hello all,

During our roundtable last week (KK0ECT, WS7M, N7GES, W0DAS @ 28.040 MHz 02:00 UTC 10/24/18) I floated the idea of setting up a table at the NCARC Hamfest on January 19, 2019. The response was positive, so in order to have better options, I went ahead and reserved a table with power and bought 4 admissions to the hamfest. THIS IS MY SPLURGE, so no need for any reimbursement or anything other than we need to drum up 4 people (well, 3 others, I plan to go) to occupy the table. Participation is NOT limited to 4, so please, anyone, join in! I’ll bring a rig and an easy portable antenna for 40m - 10m that we could operate, and then talk about whatever we want to talk about with any interested hams/attendees. We could even encourage hams who have never operated CW to give it a try, sending their call sign or something really simple, for a “canned” QSO we could set up. Lot’s of possibilities!

The hamfest starts at 8am, with vendor set-up (that’s us) starting at 7am. The event runs typically until the drawing for the raffle at noon, then disseminates pretty quickly afterward. We have a table near one of the main garage doors (will be closed during the hamfest) for easy access to outside. I have a Yaesu FT-991A that works great with the ATAS 120A mobile antenna that I have rigged to sit about 2 feet off the ground with a wicked copper counterpoise. I used it for field day and it worked like a champ. Great and really easy (seriously) to set-up. If we wanted to do a second rig and antenna, why not? Amazingly, I don’t believe a CW station has ever been done at the NCARC hamfest. I know when I first started attending about 5 years ago, Kevin, N7GES, ran an HF SSB station a couple of times, but I don’t remember him on CW.

Anyhow, I made the plunge without really committing anyone other than myself to this endeavor. I would love any and all help in organizing and pulling this off, and I take no leadership roll other than what I’ve done so far, just in case the group wants to take this opportunity in a different direction or someone else is interested in organizing. I would be glad to share the responsibilities.

I hope some of you can join in tonight on 28.040 MHz @ 8:00pm MDST. I keep my VHF rig tuned to 145.115 during the net if someone happens to be listening in, does NOT want to send CW, but may want to comment/ask questions/etc. about the net or what they hear. I think we could get more participation that way. If that’s you, consider listening on 10m, and then discussing what you may hear on the 145.115 repeater.

Have a great afternoon and stay warm!

W0DAS (whiskey-zero-delta-alpha-sierra)

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