Re: New freq. for Tues night?

Dave Swartz

I think I said 7.120, so 7.118 is close.  7.115?  Something like that.  7.125 is too close to the top, on the edge, for me, even though you guys are allowed there.  Someday.

Everyone appreciates the courtesy and its important, but no one owns a frequency.  A good run of QRLs with no answer and the frequency is yours for the moment.

If we go to the 7.11X area, we’ll be in good company with other CW nearby.


On Feb 28, 2019, at 12:36 PM, Eric Tamme <eric@...> wrote:

Hey all,

Dave had mentioned he thought we should move up to a frequency further from the busy space around 7.028, as well as potentially making general and technician licenses more comfortable about the frequency space they are operating in.

I believe Dave suggested 7.125.  The Canadian band plan "recommends" SSB operation on 40m from 7.100 up.  I think 7.125 might be a little high up and we could likely get some SSB interference so I would opt for something a bit lower.  I am less concerned about the ITU region 1/3 provisions for 7.075-7.100.  

Looking at various band plans it looks like something around 7.11X range could be good, perhaps 7.118.  SKCC has CW elmers freq. around there and there are a few other CW operations in that range.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on where might be a better long term frequency for the round table on 40m?

-Eric / KK0ECT

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