New freq. for Tues night?

Eric Tamme

Hey all,

Dave had mentioned he thought we should move up to a frequency further from the busy space around 7.028, as well as potentially making general and technician licenses more comfortable about the frequency space they are operating in.

I believe Dave suggested 7.125.  The Canadian band plan "recommends" SSB operation on 40m from 7.100 up.  I think 7.125 might be a little high up and we could likely get some SSB interference so I would opt for something a bit lower.  I am less concerned about the ITU region 1/3 provisions for 7.075-7.100.  

Looking at various band plans it looks like something around 7.11X range could be good, perhaps 7.118.  SKCC has CW elmers freq. around there and there are a few other CW operations in that range.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on where might be a better long term frequency for the round table on 40m?

-Eric / KK0ECT

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