We have a few requests in place to make the list more organized and efficient.  Because the membership is so large, 
messages can get overwhelming.  
When you reply to a message, please cut out the quoted portions that you are not referencing and reply beneath the 
quoted portion.  Please do not include the entire previous message in your reply. 
If a discussion veers away from the initial topic, please change the subject of the email accordingly.  
Off topic posts are fine, within reason, but if it becomes too personal, please switch to directly emailing one another 
off list or the Feline Asthma Friends group.
We have severel useful resources for the group.  One of the features available at https://groups.io/g/felineasthma is the archive 
function, which is very useful for finding subjects that have been discussed in-depth in the past.  
Also available at the Feline Asthma main page is the database.  Click on database and this will bring up the various 
database's available for you to browse.  Included are medications, trigger changes, and symptoms.  These databases will 
be very useful as you will be able to browse what has "worked" for other people.  When you are ready, please also add 
your own information!
There is also an option to post bookmarks, and many of the group members have provided wonderful links.  Click on 
bookmarks from the Feline Asthma main page to access the links.  
The Feline Asthma mailing list also has a web page.  It is located at http://www.felineasthma.org 
and there is a wealth on information you can get there.
And finally, you may visit the files or photos sections to meet the members of the Feline Asthma list, human and feline!

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