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Simon Orde


The purpose of this group is to provide an open forum for users of Family Historian to share tips and advice on using it, with other users.  Everyone should feel welcome to contribute, and to seek advice and give it.

Members can post messages to the group by sending an email to: family-historian@groups.io.  Or if you prefer, go to https://groups.io/g/family-historian in your web-browser and click ‘New Topic’ on the left.


Tip: Members receive each post as an email, by default.  If your email program allows it, you are recommended to accept an individual email for each message posted to the group (this is the default ‘Subscription’ setting), but create a folder within your email program to store the group emails you receive. You can create a (mail) Message Rule within most email programs, which ensures that all email messages received from the group are automatically moved to this folder. The emails you want to move are ones where the ‘To’ line contains family-historian@groups.io (i.e. ones that were originally sent to the group, and then forwarded to you). This has the advantage that group messages are kept conveniently grouped together, while still being easy to read.

Simon Orde
Group moderator


Hi Simon. Many thanks for setting this up. I have been using FH6 since soon after it first came out and can't tell you how much I love the program (I previously used GST and Broderbund). Keep up the good work! Stephen