note as "<no text>"

michael fike


I have 800+ source citations that have a note that shows as “<no text>”.   Please see the attached picture.  These appeared after an import from RM but I think they are left over from an import from TMG into RM.  But I digress.  So far, they have not posed a problem … until now.

Is there a way to delete the notes automatically?  I have them linked to a list.

The reason for the need is they appear in a query where I filter to exclude sources where notes is null.  I would like to only see source citations where there is data in the note field.

Or does anyone have a suggestion on how to exclude them from a fact query?  My filter is attached as a picture as reference for correction or enhancement.

Thank you,

(Fike, Friend, Umbel, Thomas)
(Gabryszak, Majewski, Mazurkiewicz, Kondracki)

Mike Tate

I’ve had a quick look at this unusual scenario.

If it was a completely empty simple Note then when FH is closed and opened it would get deleted.

So a little experiment suggests it s a Rich Text Note which although there is no text does have a subsidiary 4 _FMT 1 code, so FH does not automatically delete it.


To find them run a Fact Query that shows %FACT.SOUR[1].NOTE2% fields with these Row filters:

Add if… =IsTrue(%FACT.SOUR[1].NOTE2% = "") is true

Exclude unless… %FACT.SOUR[1].NOTE2._FMT% matches 1


You can then select the %FACT.SOUR[1].NOTE2% column of cells in Result Set and delete them.


Repeat the whole process with %FACT.SOUR[2].NOTE2% everywhere to cater for 2nd Source Citation.

Keep on repeating with [3], [4], etc.


I would report that problem to CP of those empty Notes not being automatically deleted.