Narrative report - Descendants by Generation

On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 06:11 PM, Mike Tate wrote:
But such limits may be a good reason for persevering with the Note field that is unlimited in length and allows formatted rich text in FH V7.

Of course, changing the behaviour now would require people who have relied on the new behaviour to change their data as well. I suspect it's a no-win situation for anyone.

Adrian Bruce

Bev, if you want to make the published sentence less stilted, the ultimate is to wipe out the value, place, address, date from the output report, and just output the Note. It's what I do on a case by case basis where I need to (for instance) put caveats around the dates that can't be done any other way. Or write a start date, a middle (normally taken from the note), and then the end.

What you need to do is alter the sentence specific to that fact to read 
Anything else seems to result in issues like the footnote references migrating to the previous fact. The <para> bit simply creates a new line. Then your entire Note for that fact gets printed.

Leave the value, date, place, address, etc (if there is any etc) in place - they won't get printed, but they can be interrogated in queries. 


On Tue, 27 Sep 2022, 17:34 Beverly Smallwood, <bevsmallwood@...> wrote:
Jackson said:
I would agree with the opinion below and I also never considered the Note in the middle of output.

In my previous software the note was not optional and was a follow on to the sentence. Sometimes the note as a 'comma' follow on and sometimes it was a 'period' new sentence. I lobbied for the punctuation to be conditional to the case of the first character of the Note which would have covered most instances in a smart manner outside of user over rides.

In TMG the memo field could be used anywhere within the sentence.  It could be subdivided into as many as 9 fields (M1 - M9) by separating the parts with a delimiter.  In RM that was not available to me so I got moderately excited that fh *seemed* to be able to do at least some of the TMG's features.

I opened a support ticket with cp.  I would hope that each other person encountering this would do so before working around the problem.

Thank you for your help.  Now I need to find all the places I used this 'feature' to make the sentence structure less stilted.


Beverly Smallwood

Thank you Adrian.  I will probably do this in some form, but I don't understand why I must force it to a new paragraph?

Adrian Bruce

Sorry - no reason to put that control there for a new paragraph if you don't want to. I just tend to automatically think that way, that's the only reason it was there. My Notes for each event etc tend to be quite lengthy so it's a sensible way to split the presentation up. 


On Tue, 27 Sep 2022, 19:28 Beverly Smallwood, <bevsmallwood@...> wrote:
Thank you Adrian.  I will probably do this in some form, but I don't understand why I must force it to a new paragraph?