Internet Data matches with FindMyPast

Phil Young

I am running FH 6.2.7 and I have a subscription to FindMyPast.
I am using the Internet Data Matches feature in FH quite frequently, but now have a couple of questions as to how the feature works.
  1. Where is the history of Accepted or Rejected matches stored. Is it stored with the FH project on my computer or is stored within my subscription data at the FindMyPast website?
  2. I have two slightly overlapping FH projects. If I Accept or Reject matches within one project will that information be reflected in the other project?
Many thanks,

David Potter

Hi Phil. I'm sure an expert will confirm or reject my answer.  My understanding is that the FMP data is stored in a Cache file within each FH project. So it is stored by project. I remember being advised once to clear it to reset all Accept or Rejects. I just can't recall where it is in the database.