Importing a gedcom into Family Historian


Generally I do not use gedcoms, but having set up a tree in another program in the past week I thought I would transfer it by gedcom to Family Historian so that
  1. I could keep more private data in it
  2. Use it to learn more about Family Historian
But I am completely confused. The Project File window gives me the choices
  • (1) New Project
  • (2) Open Project (grey out)
  • (3) More Tasks
If I choose New Project I am asked for Person 1 along with his/her parents which I duly filled in and named the project "[family] family". But I would like to add more people via a gedcom. I have one prepared but how do I insert it?

If I go to More Tasks this leads to Gedcom File Tasks which leads to New Gedcom File or a list of the other files in have worked on previously including my new [family] family.
Logic tells me to choose New Gedcom File, but I am led to a page headed "Untiitled Family Historian-[Records]. Surely I should have been asked to browse my hard drive for a file.

Would someone kindly lead me through the steps of adding people to a project using a gedcom. (I am using Family Historian 7)

Why isn't this topic found in the Help Index when one does a search for GEDCOM?


Jane Taubman

Select New Project and on the next screen select "Import A Gedcom"


Mike Tate

For further details and advice for importing from specific products see the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Importing to Family Historian’: