How to post an external image to this forum

Tom H

This topic is not about the fh software; rather it is a tip on using the features of this group to some advantage.

On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 04:37 PM, Lorna Craig wrote:

discussion involving images is much faster in the user group because there is no delay waiting for moderation
A previous topic included comments about how it was better and faster for discussions that required the posting of images to do so on the fh User Group (fhug) because a message posted with an image here requires moderator approval which inherently delays publication and slows the pace of discussion. That is true of embedded images (copy an image, e.g., a screenshot and paste into the message editor) which are converted to attached files; the owner/moderators have chosen a group setting that requires messages with attachments to be moderated. On fhug, the Owner/Moderators do not have to approve messages with attachments. 

The obvious change that would expedite discussions requiring images is to lift the moderation on messages with attachments. There may well be concerns about storage capacity but has measures such as maximum size and aging out when a limit is reached. 

This is an external image that does not trigger moderation of this message (provided I have passed the unmoderate new members threshold of a certain number of approved messages).
It's added as a classic HTML tag in the Source Code view in the message editor:
<img src="" />
You can get the URL of an online image typically by right-clicking on it and selecting "Copy image link". You can look up HTML tags to find information on how to control the size of the image.

Linking to external images takes up no Files or Photos storage space.

It's too bad that does not support an Insert image by URL control; it does support copying and pasting an image with tags from a web page but that triggers moderation . For some topics, Insert image by URL would be a very efficient process in terms of the poster's time, the moderator's time and the impact on the group's storage quota. For screenshots, obviously not so convenient for the poster because they would have to upload to a publicly visible host first.

My first post using an externally linked image was moderated and not approved. On further discussion, a Moderator asked me to include the following:
  1. Please don't include images of competitive products -- this is, after all, Calico Pie's own mailing list.
  2. Please make it clear that anyone posting links to images is aware that they have:
    • to have the rights to publish the image (probably not an issue with screenshots of their own FH problems, but very likely a problem if they post images of a source, for example))
    • to host the image somewhere public (as you've mentioned) that has the capacity to handle 1000's of accesses in a short period of time
    • not to link to images on somebody else's site without permission (bandwidth theft).
I would say that these are guidelines or terms that apply to all images, regardless of the mechanism by which the contributor posts them. In which case, the group description should be expanded to include them.

Moreover, retaining moderation over attachments implies that the Owner/Moderators are taking responsibility to assure those terms have been met. Perhaps another reason to lift the restriction.


If a file is attached to a message in, it is copied onto the server, and hosted there, so the person attaching the image does not have to worry about hosting capacity or bandwidth theft.

The group description specifically asks members to keep attachments to a minimum, and to remember to remove any attachments when replying to a message.