How to handle Illegitimate Births

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In the focus window at the top left there is a 'more' sign prompt this it will open a menu allowing you to add an alternative name to the primary name and you can choose which to use

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My interest is in blood lines, so I would have him as David Jones but might generate an aka field and add the ‘David Bloggs’ name there. I would also reference this in my accompanying notes.


I’m interested to see others’ replies, too!


Stephen Challis


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Thanks for all the repies, fascinating and in the scenario I explained at the start the two families approach definitely works well ( and I note puts a handy little blank box in the chart which makes spotting these nice and easy). However here is another scenario ( a real one from my tree but some of the individuals may still be alive so names are fictitious.

How would you represent this:

Harry Smith marries Debbie Jones and they have a son David Jones.
Harry and Debbie then divorce.
Debbie Smith nee Jones now marries Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs adopts David Jones who now gets brought up as David Bloggs.

Where do you put David on FH as son to birth father and mother or as son to birth mother and adopted father?

Interested to see replies

John F