Highlight parent or children with spouse on Property Box


Hi, perhaps it's just me but:
When I am in the property box and I have 14+ children in the lower half and I've forgotten which one(s) are married it would be great if the arrow on the far right was in a different colour (if they have a spouse). Same with the parent screen, the number of times I have hit the 'Up arrow' only to be told that I need to add parents, could this arrow be a different colour too. Does anybody else agree or is it just me? Is there a plugin to do this?


Mike Tate

I understand what you are asking for and I suggest you post a New Wish List Request in the FHUG Forums so other users can discuss the idea. You will have to join the FHUG but it is free.



In the meantime, if the Property Box is displayed alongside the Focus Window then the marriage state is easy to access.

Assuming either the Father or the Mother is in Focus then both their parents are shown.

For any Child, double-click their name to move them into Focus to show their Spouse(s) and Children.

Double-click their Father or Mother to return to the original Focus view and repeat with another Child.


Also, try the ‘Quick Family Facts’ plugin from the Plugin Store, which displays the details you requested for the whole family and more. As explained on its download page it can be invoked using the Alt T Q shortcut.


Regards, Mike Tate



Hi Mike, thanks for that, will do.