FindMyPast Hint problem with PC & Laptop and files on OneDrive

Mike Tate

Because you chose not to migrate the Windows Registry settings (why not?) the User Credentials are inconsistent so FindMyPast thinks your PC are two different users.

Follow the advice in FHUG Knowledge Base ’Family Historian Copy and Migration Guide’:

Use the File > Import/Export > Export > User Credentials command.


However, I would advise using the ‘Backup and Restore FH Settings’ plugin to restore the Windows Registry.

It only does what FH is doing all the time with its customisation settings.



From: <> On Behalf Of John Yale
Sent: 03 March 2022 14:48
Subject: [family-historian] FindMypast Hint problem with PC & Laptop and files on OneDrive


I have just moved my Project Folder to OneDrive and access it from my PC and Laptop.
I also used the Backup and Restore Setting Plugin to transfer settings but did not update the registry.
All seems to work OK, except FMP hints, as the Laptop is showing all hints, including ones I have accepted on the PC.
Both computers are accessing the same Cache\FindMyPastCache.dat file on OneDrive and I see the file modified date change on the local copy on both computers if I accept a hint.
I am using an external Chrome browser to view and accept the hints.
I am only running one copy of FH at a time, and wait to see the file dates change on the other computer before running FH there.
John Yale

John Yale

Thanks Mike, that's working now.

Not sure why I missed that, I see it's clear in the guide.