FH6 Oddity

Brian Horridge

Hi all

I've just started FH (V6.2.7) and found that most of my pre-defined columns in the Individuals record window had disappeared.  Everything else seems to work OK inc other Record type windows,  Queries., Diagrams - all except the missing columns for Individuals.  Interestingly, the last 2 columns are the ones I added a few weeks ago.

I've now restored a previously-saved settings (using an old query) but as I had not saved the latest configuration, I'll have to re-install the newest columns again.

However, can anyone offer a suggestion as to why the columns may have disappeared ?? (apart from Windows having a bad-hair day!!)



Mike Tate


Those settings are saved in the Windows Registry so presumably ‘something’ has ‘cleaned’ those entries.

Certainly, saving in a Query is good protection.