DNA Markers

James Pam

Since completing an Ancestry DNA test I have been able to identify a number of distant cousins who have also completed a DNA test.

I want to identify them in the records window and with the help of Lists/configure record window columns I have been able to add a column ‘DNA Markers’.

With the help of FH/General Topics/DNA Tools I have been able to add a Fact – DNA Markers to a cousin who I know has completed a DNA. Once I had done that I expected that person to have a tick in the DNA Markers column of the records window. But nothing appears.

What am I doing wrong? Have I got the process of recording relatives DNA completely wrong?

One other question – when I highlight the DNA Marker in the facts page a window appears below. Is this the ‘attribute value field’ as referred to in the DNA tools page.

Paul Tanner-Tremaine

What are you entering in the DNA Markers Fact?  Here's what I do, and it shows up in my records column.

Mike Tate

Your last question is the key point.

What is shown in the Records Window column is the Attribute Value entered in the DNA Markers: box.


If you just want a tick when the DNA Markers fact exists then change the column Expression to:



James Pam

Thank you Paul and Mike. All working perfectly now.