Diagrams of multiple trees

Cathy Roberts

I am still using FH 6.2.7 and am wondering if there is an easy way to create a diagram of the (fairly small) trees of all the people I have so far collected, of one particular surname but not necessarily related.
It's not a one-name study but I thought it might help me see possible relationships I haven't yet been able to identify. There are 7 different groups of this particular name, mostly only 2 or three people in each, except the main collection which has 25+. Naturally (this is genealogy after all) the first names are frequently repeated, probably resulting in several duplicate individuals. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Mike Tate

Firstly, have you tried the Find Duplicate Individuals plugin?

That compares Individual’s names, facts, and close relatives and ranks their degree of compatibility.


To create a Diagram, start with the largest All Relatives Diagram, then use Diagram > Insert Diagram to add each of the 6 smaller trees one by one.

Once you have rearranged the trees to be near each other without overlapping, then use the Save Diagram to save as a Family Historian Chart.

That will keep all the trees in that arrangement when you re-open the Chart.


Mike Tate