source linked to header

The Header record is where FH stores its current Prepared Citation, which is (of course) associated with a Source.  There's no need to remove the link, and no way to avoid recreating it if you did every time you create a Prepared Citation.

michael fike

Hello all,

Not completely new to FH but new enough to still have those "what did I do" moments.

While cleaning sources I noticed that some how I linked a source to the header record.

1)  Does anyone know how this could have happened so I don't repeat this in the future?
2)  How does one search against the header record to see if this there are other such links?
3)  How do I remove such a link?

Thank you for your help.

(Fike, Friend, Umbel, Thomas)
(Gabryszak, Majewski, Mazurkiewicz, Kondracki)