Hiding Spouse box sometimes also Hides Descendants

Rodney Inglesfield

I am constructing a diagram for a talk to a family history group. For simplicity I want to hide all people in the tree who will not be mentioned in the talk.

The tree is a descendants chart with my 2x Great Grandfather as the root person. I hide his wife's box and as I expected, all descendants remain attached to his box.

My Great Grandfather was married twice with offspring from both marriages. I am descended from his first marriage and that is the line I wish to retain in the tree. When I hide his first wife's box, all descendants are also hidden. I don't understand why.

However if I hide his second wife's box her descendant remains attached to my Great Grandfather. This is what I would have expected and I can easily hide the unwanted descendant.

How can I hide his first wife's box but retain the descendants?

Rodney Inglesfield

Mike Tate

Hi Rodney,
This was discussed recently in the FHUG Forum posting 'Saving Customised Blank Diagrams'
That posting offered some workaround solutions.

1) In your Great Grandfather's Property Box temporarily swap his Spouse tabs so his 1st wife is 2nd.
Then you can hide both wives and your descendant line is retained.

2) Change the Diagram > Options > General tab, Spouse display options to 'No Spouse Info'.
Then all wives are hidden by default and any child branches can be hidden separately.

Rodney Inglesfield

Hi Mike,
Thanks very much for the reply and responding so quickly.
I have tried both solutions and they work well and are easy to do.