Upgrade from V 6.0 and switch from Windows 10 to 11

Mike Tate

There are some significant changes in FH V7 so spend some time checking them out.

The FH Help pages have a What’s New section and the FHUG Knowledge Base has many related articles online at:



So you can review those even before Christmas.


Allan Palmer

Hi Mike -
Thanks for the response and clarification of the situation. 
I had transferred the few custom settings I had applied, but thanks for the reminder.

That's all good - an upgrade to v7 could well be on my Christmas present lust now ;-)

Allan Palmer

Mike Tate

Hi Allan,

Firstly, are you sure you have migrated all your custom settings for Diagrams, Reports, Queries, etc, from your old PC as they are NOT included in the Project Backups?


No, you will not need any old V6 software or licence keys as the V7 installation process has completely changed. It now utilises a Family Historian online account administered by Calico Pie. So all you need to remember is your username and password and activation code.

See https://www.family-historian.co.uk/install7 for details.


Regards, Mike Tate


Allan Palmer

I have a slightly  related question to this topic.
I have replaced my Windows 10 machine with a Windows 11 laptop.
I have successfully e- installed my copy of FHv6 (an upgrade to an earlier v5 installation)onto the laptop and brought it up to the v6.2.7 patch. All seems to be running smoothly, and I have uninstalled the v6 version from my old desktop PC.
I am now considering upgrading that v6.2.7 version on the Win11 laptop to v7.
If I purchase a v7 upgrade and apply that to the Win11 laptop, and then in the future need to reinstall FH on that Win11 machine, will I need to reinstall my v6 software inn order to re-apply the v7 upgrade, pr will I just need my old licence key(s)  alongside the v7 upgrade file and its licence key?
I just like top be prepared in case of failure along the line...

Mike Tate

Hi Joseph,


FH V6.0.0 is a very old version dating from 2014.

There is a free upgrade to FH V6.2.7 dated 2018 available from the FH website Download Archive:



I suggest you perform that upgrade first to get onto the latest FH version prior to FH V7.0


I would advise against upgrading your Windows 10 PC to Windows 11 just yet, unless you have a pressing need for some Windows 11 feature. In my opinion and that of many pundits, Windows 11 still lacks stability and has removed some useful Windows 10 features.


However, if you are talking about replacing an old Windows 10 PC with a new Windows 11 PC then that is a different matter and changes the upgrade process for FH.

Please let me know when you have upgraded to FH V6.2.7 and your plans for Windows 11.


Joseph Levine

I am currently working with Family Historian 6.0.0. I remember reading a number of posts a while back about people having problems with the upgrade to the newest version. Have those issues been resolved? Can I make a clean upgrade now? Also, would it be better for me to upgrade my version first (assuming you tell me that is a safe thing to do) and then change my operating system to Windows 11, or should I change operating system’s first and then upgrade my version of Family Historian?

Thank you.