Marriage Facts not showing up in reports

Colin Hildreth

Good evening from NZ,

My name is Colin Hildreth. I at last feel I have grips of this program especially since using v7. Getting my head around changing from being a natural clumper to a extreme enthusiastic splitter has taken some years, listening to more experienced users on this list so encouraging.
The advances made in enabling good source provision in v7 so simplifies and lessens effort for me as I use cloning in 99% of all instances

As I proceed I have got into the habit of producing Family Group Sheets to monitor output and accuracy of appearance.
I am now staring on another branch involving my very talented 3rd great grandfather William Robinson. I accessed an image at Ancestry showing William and his sister Hannah being married supporting each other on the same day. Both male spouses witnessed the other marriage, a brother Henry was the second witness in both marriages.

As the attached pdf shows there is no marriage fact for either couple or a reference to the source. Henry has both witness facts attached to both sources.
Is there something simple I have missed? All other facts seem to be shown as expected.

Thank you heaps

Mike Tate

Hi Colin,

I think I can explain what is happening and a partial workaround.


You are mistaken in saying the Witness ‘facts’ are attached to both Marriage sources.

Those two sources 5. and 6. are attached to the Name fields of William and Hannah as indicated by the small superscripts 5 and 6 after their names.

There are no superscripts on the Witness ‘facts’ so they have no attached sources.


In Family Group Sheets the Family Members (Husband, Wife, & Children) only show Individual facts, so Family facts like Marriage are omitted.

See Report > Options > Contents tab, Family Member Events/Attributes that are all Individual facts.

Interestingly, the Fact Witnesses attached to Family facts like Marriage are included (which seems inconsistent).


Family facts like Marriage are only shown in the summary at the top of the report for the Husband & Wife (not the Children).

See Report > Options > Contents tab, Family Events/Attributes (Family Summary) that are all Family facts.


It is possible to include Marriage facts in the Family Member Main Items for everyone (Husband, Wife, & Children).

See Report > Options > Contents tab, Family Member Main Items.

Use Add… to include a Marriage item %INDI.FAMS>MARR%

That will appear for everyone (Husband, Wife, & Children) who has a Marriage fact.

For the Husband & Wife, it repeats the Marriage entry in the summary at the top of the report (that can be excluded if you wish).


The snag is that when anyone has more than one family partnership it only shows the 1st partnership Marriage (if it exists).

That may not be the Marriage for the people shown in the report.


I suggest you report the problem to Calico Pie.

Point out the inconsistency of showing the Fact Witness for the Marriage but omitting the Marriage event itself for the Children.

It would seem useful to have an option to include any of the Family facts for the Children.


Regards, Mike Tate