Any other members in Victoria BC, Canada?

Gary Forget


I’m hoping there is another user group member in Victoria who is willing to meet either with me in person or on a zoom, team viewer or other such on-line vehicle that allows screen sharing.

In particular my brain cannot get itself comfortable with sources and citations and I’m hoping someone can take a look at my project and help me clean up the mess I’ve made. Below you can see what my challenge is on doing census citations before discovering the sources/citations feature in FH. Literally I now hundreds of records with no standardized convention for naming them.

For anyone who does live in Victoria, my wife and I live in James Bay, near the docking area for the cruise ships if you want to set up a meeting. I would welcome anyone to visit and work with me on this.

Alternately an online meeting is as good an option, particularly if you are on the West Coast in any US state.

Finally if any other member knows of a video or upcoming meeting dealing with this, please let me know.





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