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Hello,  I have a new laptop - FH has installed OK and my records have all appeared from One Drive. When I open a project it opens Ok however the related records are not visible. I assume there is a problem with the path FH software is taking to find these records (???)  but I have no idea how to change this, and wondering if anyone can assist. TIA

Mike Tate

Hi Gillian,

Sorry. I don’t understand. If the Project opens Ok then all the records must be present.

Are you perhaps talking about Media files ~ photos, documents, etc?


See the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Family Historian Copy and Migration Guide’:



Focus on the sections Media Files and Restoring Media Files.

I suspect the Media files are outside your Project folder and the path has changed on the new PC.


Also, check the sections on Program Settings because customisations are not included in the Projects.


Regards, Mike Tate