Unnecessary death events.

Mike Tate

I would keep those Death events unless you are sure they have not died yet.

Some tools and products assume a person is alive unless there is a Death event even if they would be 200 years old.

So it may be better to keep them without details than delete them.

It is possible to configure the Sentence Template so the Narrative Report does not just say “He/She died”.


Jane Taubman

Keith Mead

When I moved my data to FH from an old program (UFT), I found I had created a lot of death events with no date or other useful information attached.  So when I generate a narrative report, it contains statements like "He died" or "She died". Not very helpful.
Is there a way to produce a query that will list all death events with no date attached (or all death events, with the date or lack of it in another column)?  Then I can go down the list and delete all the unnecesary ones.