<br> acts differently

Mike Tate

Correction, in FH 7.0.7 it sometimes allows <br> inside < > such as <<br> {date}>

But not in your examples such as <<br> Father: {role(single)=father}>

So it is a longstanding fault.

Mike Tate

I presume you actually mean FH and not that is not available?


What you are seeing is a fault that should be reported to CP via http://www.calico-pie.com/osticket/open.php


It seems to have been introduced in Version as it does not happen in Version 7.0.7 that I still have installed.


Mike Tate

Edward Sneithe

I am trying to re work all my sentences but have come up with this anomaly - most probably of my own making. I am using FH

My sentence looks like this:

<para>  {individual} appeared in the {date:YEAR} census as head of household< at {address}>< {place}>< with wife {role=Wife}>. The census was enumerated {date}. <br>{=TextIf(Exists(%FACT._SHAR%) and Not(%FACT._SHAR.ROLE% = "Wife") or Exists(%FACT._SHAR[2]%)," Other household members were:","")}<<br> Father: {role(single)=father}><<br> Fathers: {role(plural)=father}><<br> Mother: {role(single)=mother}><<br> Mothers: {role(plural)=mother}>  <para>

The sentence in the sentence box of the property box for the fact looks like this:

The sentence in the narrative report looks like this:

 Adam appeared in the 1941 census as head of household at 1 East Center ST. in Manchester with wife MaryAnne SAMUEL. The census was enumerated on January 1, 1941.

 Other household members were:

 Father: Henry SMITH

 Mother: Henrietta SIMPSON

Why does the BR control character  work differently in these two cases? Is it because of nested <<>>?  Is there a way to use the
and have it look the same?