adding custom flag checkbox to property window.


Following on from recent queries I have now completed a merge of what were two seperate projects that shared about 30% of individuals. I am working through all of my data fairly methodically and carefully now to check all is aligned and in place. ( Thanks to Mike Tate for the duplicates plug in its a real boon when doing this sort of checking).

Now I have set up two custom flags so that I can quickly indicate when entering new individuals if they belong to project 1, project 2 or both.

It would be really convenient to have these two flags appear in the property box alongside those for "living" and "private" so they can be quickly checked. I cant seem to find a setting that allows this and have searched the FHUG database without success. Is this something that can be done and I,m missing it or is it not possible in FH?

Paul Tanner-Tremaine

Yes it can be done! 
Go to a persons Property/Record page and click the Cog, and then Customize data Entry.
Leave the Record type as Individual, and Tab as Main
Untick the Show most commonly used items only.
This will give you <Custom Item> (for advanced users) at the top of the list.  Highlight it and use the > arrow to move it to the right hand pane.  Move it up to just below the Note field.
Click Edit Custom Item
Give the Custom Item a meaningful name
Tick the Part 1 box - this will be the left hand flag
Label - Project 1  Data Reference bow click the <<Select, navigate to Flags, and select your first flag.
Tick the Part 2 box - the right hand flag, Label it Project 2 and <<Select the second flag
That's the basics of it.  You may want to name the labels as more suitable names..
Give it a go.


Brilliant, thanks Paul. Worked a treat.
I,m glad I asked because I never would have worked that one out on my own!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend