Second different death record on Family Group Sheet


For an unknown reason, in the family group sheet for Nicholas Boyes, as well as his death record I also get that of Christopher Benson. I've removed C B's death record and shut FH down and restarted but it still appears. As you can see from the image, there is a red letter 'A' which appears to be the culprit, but what is the 'A' and how can I get rid of it?

Equally importantly though, what did I do to get it there..?

Phil Curtis

Mike Tate

You mention the Death record of Christopher Benson but your screenshot is of a Source Citation against the Death record of Nicholas Boyes.

So nothing you do to the Christopher Benson record will have any impact on this Source Citation.


If you widen the 1st column by dragging the header divider you will see:

T = Title

T = Type

A = Actual Text

which are the fields in the ‘GRO’ Source record that would appear to have been cited by mistake.


To remove that mistaken Citation click the red X Delete Citation button below.

However, that will not delete the ‘GRO’ Source record.


BTW: GRO is an unusual Title for a Source record with specific details for the Death of Christopher Benson.

Please explain the background to this Source record.



Mike; many thanks for your reply. I have attached two images which hopefully will explain the problem more clearly.


The Source pane image shows that although the death record in the ‘Text From Source’ box is that of Nicholas Boyes, the ‘Actual Text’ is that of Christopher Benson, which is why both deaths show up in the Family Group Sheet as in the attached image.

I have tried deleting Nicholas’ death record and re-entering it, but the Actual Text line stays the same even though I’ve deleted Christopher Benson’s death record.

I also found that every record that has GRO as the Source record has Christopher Benson in the Actual Text line, even if the Text From Source box is empty or contains other than the GRO online index record.


However, the problem is now resolved. After ferreting around for a while, I went to ‘View > Standard Queries > Source Records - All; went down to GRO, right-clicked on Properties and deleted the offending line from the ‘All’ tab. I still don’t know how it happened, but should it ever occur again, I’ll know what to do; and the Family Group Sheet is now minus C B.


You asked for the background to this Source record: my reason for using GRO as a Source record is that’s where it came from. Logically (to me anyway) the source of the record is the website of the GRO - aka the Passport and Identity Service, but a rose by any other name....

My assessment of the record is Secondary evidence: because it’s not the actual death record. It might have the name, age, year, district, volume and page references, but they have been known to be wrong.

Where within Source: would be where I obtained the particular record, which is the GRO’s online index.

And Text From Source: is the record as it appears in the online index.


I can imagine lots of people throwing their hands up in horror and shouting “Noooo!”, but it seems logical (again, to me anyway) and I’m happy with it.

I’m not (nor will I ever be) a professional genealogist. I’m researching my family tree purely out of interest as a hobby(although I was once called a ghoul because I mentioned I liked looking around cemeteries), and as long as I note where all my info comes from and can find it again if needs be, then I’m happy.

I fully realise that FH has more bells and whistles than I will ever use in this lifetime, but that’s why I moved to FH from my previous program (FTM) many years ago, precisely because I found it had the bells and whistles I needed that FTM didn’t have.

Mike Tate

Those extra image details make everything clear.


You are using what is referred to as a Method 2 ‘lumper’ Source Citations for GRO Index entries, which is perfectly OK.

So you have one Source record titled GRO to represent the entire set of GRO Index pages.

Each separate Citation holds the GRO Index details, i.e. Nicholas Boyes in Totnes in your example.


The problem is that somehow you have edited the Source record titled GRO and filled its Text From Source field (referred to as Actual Text in the Source pane) with the GRO Index details of Christopher Benson in Cardiff.

(I did say it was an unusual ‘GRO’ Source record.)

BTW: Check the Citation details associated with the Death event for Christopher Benson.


The easiest way to correct your problem is to click the blue arrow ‘Go To Source Record’ button shown in your screenshot.

That will open the Source record Property Box where you can delete the Text From Source field.

BTW: Confusingly, there are two forms of Text From Source field; one in the Source pane Citation; and one in the Source record.


There is another problem with that Source record titled GRO.

It has its Type set to Death, which implies it should only be applied to Death events for GRO Death Index entries.

But there are also GRO Birth Index and GRO Marriage Index entries that apply to Birth events and Marriage events.

Perhaps you have several Source records titled GRO, each with a different Type set to Death, Birth & Marriage respectively.

It might be less confusing to retitle those Source records as GRO Death Index, GRO Birth Index & GRO Marriage Index.

If you don’t have several such Source records, then I suggest you create them as described above.

Does all that make sense?



Thank you again, Mike for your explanation. All is now well - says he with fingers crossed..!