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Just wanted to say what a great program! I have been using it for 2 years on and off, and in my opinion is by far the best. I have used Family Tree Maker and TNG software but I always return to this product.
My only gripe is that now I am on a Linux operating system I am unable to use this fantastic program, despite trying to make it work it in WINE. I abandoned Windows products over 6 months ago (I won't go into a protracted missive as to why, plenty of stuff out there to back up my reasons). It would be nice if perhaps in the future, someone (or the developer) may offer an option to make this work in the Linux operating system. Until then, I am using my backup web based Tribalpages option. IF there is a way now to make this superb program work within Linux, perhaps some kind folk can offer a solution. Many thanks.


Hi Jon

I have an Apple mac and have been using Crossover (which uses Wine) for a number of years with great success. I've found it very easy to install and use and FH works extremely well on it.


I have successfully been running 99.?%? of fh functionality on Linux for almost two and a half years (specifically Lubuntu 16.04 and then 18.04 with Wine 4.0.3 - emulating Windows 7) Wine 5.0 has recently become available.

I installed Wine through the Software repository and then downloaded the FH instal program into the download directory of my "wine C drive". Then I seem to remember that I ran the install program by right clicking on the file and selecting "Open With > Wine Windows Program Loader". In genealogical terms I got Bob as my mother's brother!

I then tweaked things to get the Menu option that I wanted copying the set up for another program that installed with Wine (possibly notepad or even the default FH menu option which was deep in the Wine Menu system off the Start Button - I cannot now recall, but it was a minimal hassle tweak) and moved directories around to get them where I wanted them (using simlinks/shortcuts to maintain things the same as far as the program was concerned)

The FH supplied pdf driver does not work under Wine but other options are available under Linux. Other than that I am not aware of any FH problems

Some dialogue boxes can be a touch messy because the fonts on the buttons are a bit too big for the text to fit. Expanding the Dialogue box often cures this and if I fiddled with the Wine Configuration (for me; Start Menu>q4wine>Default>system>winecfg) I might improve it further.



Thank you David, I will explore your scenario further. I really want to go back to using FH.

Mike Tate

Jon, There is a lot of advice and Linux FH users on the FHUG website.


The FHUG Knowledge Base has Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine:


Ask in the and you will get plenty of detailed advice from those that have gone before.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Thank you David, I will explore your scenario further. I really want to go back to using FH.


Thanks Mike, I shall take a look at this.