Re: Online Repository Assistant.


I think I've worked it out. The Registration Quarter and year went into Entry Date, then tab down to Assessment and choose Secondary Evidence, then tab to Where Within Source and enter Registration Year in Reg District Volume and and Page numbers, then tab to Text From Source and enter Mother's maiden name. If I'm right I've just one question. How would you cause the auto type to stop at Assessment and allow you to choose another option? It all sounds very exciting. Thank you for sharing.

On Thu, 2 Jul 2020 at 06:48, Robert via <> wrote:
Just input this Auto Type for GRO Birth Index Source Citation. It works well so far!

[Registration Quarter] [Registration Year]{Tab}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{Tab}[Registration Year] [Registration Quarter] in [District] Volume [Volume] Page [Page]{Tab}Mother [Mother's Maiden Surname]



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