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Adrian Bruce

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 19:12, Edward Sneithe via
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I was intrigued by this discussion and if I have interpreted it correctly the GEDCOM standard 5.5.1. allows a value with an event.
That's not my interpretation. The INDIVIDUAL_EVENT_STRUCTURE is
basically unchanged between 5.5 and 5.5.1 - except for the removal of
the "Y" option on most event types (the one that says, "Yes, this
event did occur even if I have no further details")

The generic EVEN type of event is for user defined event-types and
that does have a subordinate element TYPE that might look like a value
- but that's the type of user event rather than a value (fine line
though it might be). So it might say that something was a promotion
but not the grade of post - not sure that's a good example, mind.

Indeed, TYPE can actually refine the meaning of standard GEDCOM event
types. (TYPE is actually part of EVENT_DETAIL). This is in both 5.5
and 5.5.1.

In reality, of course, there *should* be optional values on events -
e.g. in English, inheriting something is an event, but it should have
an optional value describing the inheritance. But GEDCOM isn't there.

PS - my reply crossed with Mike's

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