Re: File path incorrect, New Windows 10 laptop, FH v 6.27 newly installed

Mike Tate


I am sorry you are having those problems.

The way forward is to describe your symptoms in a lot more detail and provide screenshot attachments.

You can see what is happening but unless you describe it accurately we cannot give the appropriate help.

When referring to files please give as much of the file path and file name as possible.

When referring to displays and commands, describe the relevant details fully.


I am going to ask lots of questions, so please answer as many as possible in order to get a solution as quickly as possible.


As you say, in the File > Project Window the default Location for your Projects is My Documents\Family Historian Projects.

Does that Family Historian Projects folder exist in your Documents folder when viewed via Windows File Explorer?


In Tools > Preferences > Startup what is the Default Startup File path?


Exactly what is the filename of the backup zip file you restored?


When you used File > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup and chose that zip file what di it say in Location to Restore to: ?

If necessary repeat that command but when reaching that Restore Project from Backup small window click on Cancel.


In the File > Project Window does it actually say Current Project: C:\Users\... or Current Gedcom File: C:\Users\...?


On the very top line of the main FH window does it say  - Family Historian Project – or – Family Historian Gedcom - ?


There is a detailed guide in the FHUG Knowledge Base for migrating from PC to PC and transferring all your Projects, etc.

So you may be better advised to join the FHUG which is free and follow the advice there.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Sent: 05 February 2020 16:53
Subject: [family-historian] File path incorrect, New Windows 10 laptop, FH v 6.27 newly installed


I am having difficulty getting my file to save and be found easily.
I had saved files on external drive to back up documents when changing over to a new laptop. Also saved to the D: drive is the zipped file created when exiting the program.
I can use restore function to bring the 2000+ person file in and have corrected the link for the media, but it does not seem to save it anywhere I can easily find the next time I go to use FH. So I am unwilling to risk adding anymore information in case it gets lost in the myriad of possible places it may go.
When I click on project window it states current project is in my c: drive as a gedcom file, but the location further down states My documents\ Family Historian Project
When I go to open up the project the file name has temporary in brackets but that doesnot have any data in it. The temporary project I created to bring the data into, is also empty each time I open.
I can find it if I browse and hit a file labelled temporary in the Documents/Family Historian Projects/Temporary  but why can I not save it as the main file to be found easily.
Sorry for rambling but computers are not my forte.


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