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Ahh - got it!! Wasn't on the right wavelength at all there. It's all just the way I'd like it to be now, plus I've learned a whole lot.

Thank you for patience and the lovely clear explanation. I think your work here is done :-)

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 14:33, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

In the Property Box where a Court Martial fact has been added to the Facts tab, you must use the All tab to reach the Cause field.


You use the Property Box to alter each of the instances of the Court Martial fact, i.e. its Cause field value.


You use Tools > Fact Types to Edit the one Fact Definition that determines how those Court Martial facts are presented in Reports, etc, i.e. by using the {cause} code.


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That sounds like what I'd like to do. I'm afraid I'm being a bit slow here. Where should I be to right-click the Fact Name? So far I've only been given the option to 'Edit' it. Clearly I'm missing something here.......


On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 13:24, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

There are several options and many are summarised in the FHUG Knowledge Base for Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates:

Especially in the Custom Fact Fields section.


As Helen suggested, you could create an Attribute instead of an Event and gain the use of the {value} code.


You are correct that you could use the Cause field and the {cause} code.

Apart from the Death event, the Cause field is accessed via the All tab by right-clicking the Fact name (Court Martial) and using Add Cause.

Thereafter, click on the expand button [+] for Court Martial to edit the Cause field value.


Finally, the Note field can have labelled meta-fields that involve using the {=GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,"Charge: ")} function.


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