File path incorrect, New Windows 10 laptop, FH v 6.27 newly installed


I am having difficulty getting my file to save and be found easily.
I had saved files on external drive to back up documents when changing over to a new laptop. Also saved to the D: drive is the zipped file created when exiting the program.
I can use restore function to bring the 2000+ person file in and have corrected the link for the media, but it does not seem to save it anywhere I can easily find the next time I go to use FH. So I am unwilling to risk adding anymore information in case it gets lost in the myriad of possible places it may go.
When I click on project window it states current project is in my c: drive as a gedcom file, but the location further down states My documents\ Family Historian Project
When I go to open up the project the file name has temporary in brackets but that doesnot have any data in it. The temporary project I created to bring the data into, is also empty each time I open.
I can find it if I browse and hit a file labelled temporary in the Documents/Family Historian Projects/Temporary  but why can I not save it as the main file to be found easily.
Sorry for rambling but computers are not my forte.

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