Re: Online Repository Assistant

Mike James GW8PKV

I've been experimenting with ORA for a short time.
I have found the Text Templates useful to gather text from Ancestry and FindMyPast pages and format it for directly pasting into Family Historian.
I have just started trying the Auto Auto Text Template feature to capture data directly into Ancestral Sources.
It seems to work very well for me and I think I will find it very helpful, particularly for entering sources in a consistent manner.
I believe the subscription model is to allow support for future changes to the websites covered.
No connection, just a customer.

Mike James

On Sat, 27 Jun 2020 at 21:06, Ron Chapman <ron@...> wrote:

Does anyone have experience in using "Online Repository Assistant"? ( ORA claims to be useful to Family Historian users and I can see it might be useful in some ways but at $24 per year it seems expensive.

Many Thanks, Ron

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