Re: Synchronising two computers

Mike Tate

If the size of all your Projects together exceeds 15 GB then you will need to purchase extra Google Drive storage.


Thank you for the screenshot which explains everything to me.

For those three ‘broken links’ Auto Repair Links has found matching media files within the similarly named AlanCrotty Project sitting in the Dropbox folder.

It seems you have a copy of your Family Historian Projects folder in the C:\Users\lenovo\Dropbox folder.

If have no intention of using Dropbox then delete that copy of your Family Historian Projects folder, and perhaps the Dropbox folder itself.


That will reintroduce X marks in the Tools > External File Links dialogue for those three Media records.

You need to locate the three pairs of Media records in the Records Window in order to merge them.

Select one pair of Media records and use Edit > Merge/Compare Records ensuring the one with the valid File link is top of the list.

There may be little to merge, but I am erring on the side of caution as possibly some fields and links do need merging.


With default settings, there should only be 8 Snapshot files, but FH sometimes seems to forget to purge old ones, especially if there are any Pre-revert entries.

The safest solution is to use File > Backup/Restore > Revert to Snapshot and in the Snapshot Manager dialogue Shft key select and Delete the old ones.


Then you should be good to go.


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Hello Mike & thank you for your prompt reply. As I haven’t got a handy USB pen drive at the moment I thought I’d try the Google Drive option & so I have been reading all the instructions about how to set up GD in the first place & the FHUG instructions too.


All went well until I came to the Backup&Restore Plugin instructions – step 1 says to check the file links & to ask for help in the forum if anything untoward appears.


The window initially only showed the Media Folder but I had three X marks in the file links. However, as far as I could see each of these media items is accompanied by the same item without an X

 Clicking on Auto Repair Links resulted in the offending links disappearing from the Project data folder but changed the window to show C: as well, (which hadn’t been there before) , which bewildered me!


At one time I did try using Dropbox but that was quite a long time ago.  So I am now not sure what I have done or if it is ok to proceed?


Another question has to do with snapshots – there is a snapshot subfolder in the .fh_data folder with an awful lot of snapshots, all taking up megabytes of space & from the look of their names, quite old. Should I delete these  - & do they just mount up over a period of time?


Your wise counsel would be much appreciated - & as I proceed no doubt more questions will come to light!


Many thanks in anticipation




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