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Mike Tate

I recommend that you don’t use an Individual Query at all.

I though Kath was looking for Individuals associated with a Place.

So every instance of every Fact needs to be included, and that needs a Fact Query.

Then the columns are such as %FACT%, %FACT.AGE%, %FACT.PLAC%, %FACT.ADDR%, etc.

If you want to only see CENS facts then a simple Rows filter can do that using =FactLabel(%FACT%).

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Instead of CENS[1], use CENS[year=1841]  etc.  This way you can have a specific column for each Census Year.

I actually use %INDI.CENS[year=1841].AGE% as this immediately shows if individual has a census entry for that year and also shows how their age may vary from census to census.

actually 's age

On 07/06/2020 10:29, Kath Liddell wrote:

> Brian


> Yes, thank you, I got that far. It seems the default Census or

> Residence data is only the first item recorded e.g. CENS[1], so the

> query needs to include subsequent items e.g. CENS[2] etc, then you get

> too many columns. I believe there is a way to generalise the events to

> a single FACT, but I'll keep looking and decide on a suitable compromise.


> I don't use mapping in FH (only TNG) ... I know where the Places are

> and Addresses are too precise and not mapable.


> Many thanks everyone.

> Kath


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