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Brian Horridge


Instead of CENS[1], use CENS[year=1841]  etc.  This way you can have a specific column for each Census Year.

I actually use %INDI.CENS[year=1841].AGE% as this immediately shows if individual has a census entry for that year and also shows how their age may vary from census to census.

actually 's age

On 07/06/2020 10:29, Kath Liddell wrote:

Yes, thank you, I got that far. It seems the default Census or Residence data is only the first item recorded e.g. CENS[1], so the query needs to include subsequent items e.g. CENS[2] etc, then you get too many columns. I believe there is a way to generalise the events to a single FACT, but I'll keep looking and decide on a suitable compromise.

I don't use mapping in FH (only TNG) ... I know where the Places are and Addresses are too precise and not mapable.

Many thanks everyone.

On 07/06/2020 10:07, Brian Horridge via wrote:

The trick is to find the nearest-to-what-you-want Standard Query (as Mike Tate has said) and then save it as a Custom Query and tweak it to suit your own needs.


On 06/06/2020 15:33, Kath Liddell wrote:
Thanks, Brian, for your reply. I am not very practised at writing custom queries, but found that the result I obtained by the Places route was not actually customisable. It seems I need to start with Individuals and grow a query from there.

Also, Neil, yes you are right, there is only one Place or Address listed in the Tools report. In my example I look for Place (not Address) = Westoe or South Shields (County Durham). Would then add Address manually.

A bit of background ...
I am looking for a possible feud (rightly or wrongly) between two twigs of one family (not my own directly). I have a comprehensive tree and well-filed Excel census files, which I have worked on for years. However I have only recently realised that various people in the two twigs must have lived near each other and were therefore possibly well aware of family scandal. Hence I would like to see who lived where - and when.

The advantage of the Tools > Places report is that Events are combined in a single column i.e. Name > Date > Place > Event .. very tidy. On experimenting with custom queries I can separate first and surnames for sorting, and include Address, but cannot see a way to combine birth, census, residence, death places into one list. That's where I stand just now. I guess there's a lot still to learn, but I did hope there would be a way to sort the Places report by Surname.

Thanks for your interest.

On 06/06/2020 10:17, Brian Horridge via wrote:

Against every field in a query there is a sort option, either none, ascending or descending.  The query will sort by priority of any fields with sorting set - the first columns taking priority over later columns.  The sort selected will show in the "Columns" window to the right of the screen (ie after the "Expression" column).

One problem with this priority might be that the order you want the columns displayed may not immediately let you sort the way you want.  The way I got round this was to duplicate the columns I wanted to sort by at the end of the list of columns (ie so they appear far right on the screen) and you set the requisite sort order only on these duplicated columns and all the others are set to "none".  That way you can arrange the sort to suit without messing up the "view". If needed, you can shuffle the order of these duplicated "sorting" columns to get what you want.

Hope this helps


On 06/06/2020 10:01, Kath Liddell wrote:
I am working with the Places query to find persons living close to each other at any time. The resulting report shows Record (names) / Date / Place / Context (BMD etc). The names are listed alphabetically by first name ... is there any way to list these by surname? Or to separate first and surnames for sorting by surname?

Here's how I get there ...
Tools >> Work with data >> Places
Where used >> Result set
Ideally, I want to also list the Address as well as the Place. However, from past experience, any discussion of Addresses turns out a can of worms, so for now I will add addresses by hand.

Many thanks.

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