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David Gynes

Would anyone like to join my (lost cause) personal campaign to have “great” aunts and uncles called Grand Auntie & Uncle?  Makes it much easier to teach the grand-nephews and nieces their place and ours in the family tree 😀
[It will probably go as well as my other campaign, to stop the use of ‘for” before the word ‘free’. It is tautologous - “For for no cost” but as the BBC newsreaders now use it I know I’ve lost!!]
Enjoy your research during Lockdown!

 David Gynes

On 28 May 2020, at 16:10, Lorna Craig via <l.m.craig@...> wrote:

Hi Sandra,

Yes it is a bit confusing but it becomes clearer if you think of a grandparent as a 'great-parent', or alternatively think of a great-aunt as a 'grandaunt'.

So a great-aunt is the same generation as a grandparent, and a 2x great great-aunt (3 greats in total) is the same generation as a 2x great grandparent. (2 greats + 1 grand = 3 greats).

In your example of a great great-aunt, this is indeed a generation below a 2x great great aunt, because the first has two 'greats' and the second has three 'greats'.

FH could talk about a '3x great aunt' instead of a '2x great great-aunt', but it think it's done this way so that the number before the 'x' sign is the same for all people in the generation, whether they are n x great grand-parents or n x great great-aunts.

I hope that hasn't confused you even further!


On 28/05/2020 15:16, Sandra Collins via wrote:

Good afternoon,

First time I've posted since groups have changed so hope I'm in the right place.

I think there is an error on FH (or at least in mine) in showing the relationships and would like some clarification from someone with far more experience than me please.

Example:  In FH I have set myself as the root person.  My 3x gt grandparents are showing correctly - one of their sons is my 2nd gt grandparent showing correctly and the other sons & daughters of my 3 x gt grandparents are showing as 2nd gt aunts and uncles - are the 2nd gt aunts & uncles showing as correct please?  Should they not be 3rd gt aunts & uncles?

Looking closer at FH I have a level where it shows great great aunt & uncle & the next level up showing gt x 2 great aunt & uncle - isn't this the same thing & the same level??

Some guidance & help would be most welcome right now;  I've been happily sailing along thinking FH had it all under control for me but am beginning to think not right now.

Thank you.

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