Re: FH Project Folder not updating on OneDrive

Sandra Blackburn

I have unticked the Files On-Demand setting and all folders in File Explorer, both OneDrive and PC, are now marked with a white tick on a green background icon.   When hovering over the OneDrive icon in the notification area of the task bar, it tells me all the files are up-to-date.  

I have now looked at the folders and files on OneDrive in File Explorer and to me the folder structure looks unusual.
Documents - FH Projects which has the following folders/files relating to my Project: 
Sandra's (24.5.2020)
Sandra's Tree_2017 (24.5.2020) [this is an extra folder which wasn't there before]
Sandra's Tree_2017-DESKTOP-1AOM4SR (11.2.2020) [my desktop].

Also on OneDrive there is a second FH Projects folder, not within the documents folder, which contains
Sandra's Tree_2017.fh_data
Sandra's Tree_2017 (16.6.2018)

Somehow I think another copy of FH Projects has been copied to OneDrive outside the Documents folder and it is this latter folder containing the old files which is, I think, causing all the problems.   Would it be safe to delete this copy Project from OneDrive as you will see from my next paragraph that the up-to-date folders and files are within the Documents folder on OneDrive (as they are in This PC.
Since unticking Files On-Demand I now have the following files in File Explorer, This PC - FH Project Sandra's (24.5.2020), Sandra's Tree_2017 (24.5.2020) [this is an extra folder which wasn't there before] and Sandra's Tree_2017-DESKTOP-1AOM4SR (11.2.2020) [my desktop].   I am assuming the extra file is the laptop Project file which I deleted.   If so, can I safely delete this folder too from here and from OneDrive?  Would it, perhaps, be a good idea to delete all FH Project files from OneDrive and let it sync these files from scratch?

Many thanks for helping me with this.  Regards, Sandra

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