Re: FH Project Folder not updating on OneDrive

Sandra Blackburn

Thank you Victor for your reply.   I think the reason my laptop does not download the up-to-date FH data/media is because OneDrive had not synced the FH Project folder for quite a long time.  Looking at my Project folders the Cache, Log Files, Snapshots have all synced properly but the Media folder is marked "pending sync".    I have looked at the files inside and they all have green ticks against them with no indication which file, if any, is causing the sync problem.   I wondered if I could delete the FH Project folder on One Drive and replace it with a copy of the Project folder on the PC as this is up-to-date.   I have not, as yet, tried this in case I create more problems.   I have checked the OneDrive settings and think they are ok but I am not too familiar with how this works.  

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