Re: FH Project Folder not updating on OneDrive

Mike Tate

Hi Sandra,

The first to do is be patient. Updating OneDrive is not like updating a disk drive. It takes a long time over the Internet.

Remember that synchronisation can only happen while you are signed in to OneDrive on your PC, and may take several hours.


Do not use FH until syncing has finished. The Project folders are full of large media image files that take longer to sync than text files.


It might not have been a good idea to delete files from the laptop.

Remember, whatever you do in the OneDrive folder is echoed online and in the other PC.


There is one setting to check in OneDrive to ensure a copy of all your files stay on your PC drive.

Click the OneDrive grey cloud icon lower right and click … More ~ Settings then Settings tab and untick Files On-Demand at the bottom.


Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Sandra Blackburn
Sent: 25 May 2020 10:34
Subject: [family-historian] FH Project Folder not updating on OneDrive


In Windows 10 I save my Project to OneDrive and also regularly do a full backup to Documents/Sandra/Family History Docs/Backup.  My last full backup was yesterday.  As I wish to work on a laptop as well as the main computer I have also now installed FH on the laptop.  I had intended following the migration guide in FHUG but immediately the programme had been installed it began downloading the data from OneDrive.  It was after this download that I realised the FH data/media was not current.  On investigation I found that I had not been  signed into OneDrive for a long time and my FH folder is dated 2017.   Since signing into OneDrive the FH folder has still not updated and says "Sync pending"; this has not changed since yesterday. Other non-FH folders have now updated in OneDrive, although one or two still say "sync pending": I noted these folders yesterday and they are still the same this morning.  I have deleted from the laptop the out of date FH Project folder and also unlinked the laptop  from OneDrive until I can sort out what I think is a synchronisation problem.   I am at a loss to know what to do now and hope someone is able to help me sort this out.  Many thanks.  Sandra



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