FH Project Folder not updating on OneDrive

Sandra Blackburn

In Windows 10 I save my Project to OneDrive and also regularly do a full backup to Documents/Sandra/Family History Docs/Backup.  My last full backup was yesterday.  As I wish to work on a laptop as well as the main computer I have also now installed FH on the laptop.  I had intended following the migration guide in FHUG but immediately the programme had been installed it began downloading the data from OneDrive.  It was after this download that I realised the FH data/media was not current.  On investigation I found that I had not been  signed into OneDrive for a long time and my FH folder is dated 2017.   Since signing into OneDrive the FH folder has still not updated and says "Sync pending"; this has not changed since yesterday. Other non-FH folders have now updated in OneDrive, although one or two still say "sync pending": I noted these folders yesterday and they are still the same this morning.  I have deleted from the laptop the out of date FH Project folder and also unlinked the laptop  from OneDrive until I can sort out what I think is a synchronisation problem.   I am at a loss to know what to do now and hope someone is able to help me sort this out.  Many thanks.  Sandra

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