Re: Adopted Children how can they linked in?

Victor Markham

Much really depends on the mother of the child. If the child is illegitimate then the father is not known. If the mother marries a man who is not the child's father then they both should be listed separately.

My grandfather, George Henry, was illegitimate and registered and baptised under his mother's maiden name of Briggs. His mother married Charles Markham and my grandfather had the Markham surname after that. Charles is not his father (I had a DNA test). The way I have set this up is shown below. When my grandfather married he did so under the Markham name and his children (my father) was baptised under that.

Have I misunderstood the question?

On 23/05/2020 8:07 pm, Lorna Craig via wrote:
Yes, FH allows people to have more than one set of parents.

View the child in the Focus Window, then click on 'Add more Relatives for <name>' just below the main panel.

Now select 'Add Parent'.  You will see a message saying this person already has parents, and do you want to add another set.

Click 'yes'.  Then click  'Link Existing Record'.  Select the new (adopting) mother from the list of existing records.

You will see one or more family records (husband and wife couples) in which the mother already exists.  This will include the family with the child's natural father.  Select this family and click OK.

In the new mother's Property Box, Main tab,  you will now see the child  in the list of children. Click in the 'Rel' column for the child and select 'More Options'.   You will now see a 'Select Relationship Type' window. Tick 'Specify relationship to each parent separately'.   Then set the Relationship to Father as 'Birth' and the Relationship to Mother as 'Adopted'.


On 23/05/2020 16:07, admin@... wrote:

I'm new to Historian and I have a relative who adopted her husband's daughter from a previous marriage at the moment I have her shown as a daughter to the 2nd wife.  I don't want to lose the daughter from my family tree though so can she have 2 mum's?

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