Re: Changing Fact Types

Mike Tate

Hi Patrick,


I suspect the root problem is that you are not working through the advice I have posted in enough detail.


The is much advice in the FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Importing to Family Historian:

In particular, there is advice about handling the Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF).

Until such issues are resolved, some Plugins may struggle to cope with them as they don’t know what they mean.


Did you check the FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Family Historian Plugins ~ Help and Advice for the Change Any Fact Tag Plugin?


I am sure that the UDF tag _ADDR is NOT your Address fact. That _ADDR tag will be listed in the All tab as a UDF.

You say FH lists Address with a Sentence using the word Address on the Facts tab so I assumed it was a custom fact.

Therefore, in the Plugin it is under Tag Set <Custom Facts> with Tag Name EVEN-ADDRESS (or possibly _ATTR-ADDRESS).


To be honest I had not expected you to leap into using the Plugin without asking for further advice.

Migrating GEDCOM from product to product is often more complex than users realise.


Regards, Mike Tate



From: <> On Behalf Of Patrick Maloney
Sent: 20 May 2020 01:01
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Changing Fact Types


Hi again Mike!

OK, update. I found a UDF tag, _ADDR that seemed to be the one I was looking for. I selected it and clicked the '_ADDR UDF Tag to Residence' button. I ran it against a single individual, and received 6 warnings about invalid tags and the message: 'Check that the Source and Target are compatible', which I guess they weren't.

The change to the record was simply the addition of a new blank 'Residence' fact.

I'm out of my depth here.



On 20/05/2020 00:40, Patrick Maloney wrote:


I must be really dim. I can't for the life of me see how this plugin works.

At the top there are two buttons: 'Baptism to Christening' and 'Christening to Baptism'. These seem to be unchangeable. I don't want either of those.

Looking at the list of tags, I can't see 'Address' in any list. I assume 'Source Tag Name' is where I should be able to find this, and 'Target Tag Name' is where I enter 'Residence'?

I've been through all the Source Tag Sets and still can't find 'Address'.

Any help would be gratefully received.




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